The Past Revisited.....

There was a time when domesticated livestock roamed the range, lived in the woods, gleaned the cornfields, and foraged to meet their daily feed needs.  That said, we are not advocating a return to days gone by, even though that may bring fond memories to many.  But, there may be some wisdom and practices that serve to be revisited.  While many of like mind may choose to adopt these old "technologies" without question, we believe one must discern and identify such practices that serve us today, to allow for the flourishing of the Natural Pig by enhancing his environment

The desire to raise pigs in a more natural way may never again become accepted by mainstream pork producers, nor will we chastise those who do not.  It is our choice is to offer our pigs every opportunity to exhibit their inherent and innate traits and characteristics.  Our management decisions are indeed tempered by the consideration of developing facilities and practices, that whenever possible, move us closer to providing the ideal home for the Natural Pig.

As we move ahead we must marry the old and the new, considering management and economics in our pursuit.  This is done by careful consideration of the impact each choice we make, albeit selection of breeding swine, buildings and equipment, or caretaker convenience and comfort.  Some of the key components are research and observation, trial and error, and good common sense.

This site is dedicated to bringing to you many findings brought about by those components.  We encourage you to glean these pages to find those tidbits that are useful to you.  We will grow as you do. Remember, there is no one way to the Natural Pig.